Champion Gymnastics currently has USA Gymnastics optional levels 6-10.
Our optional program is for gymnasts who have shown proficiency in compulsory skills.
If you are interested in transferring from another facility please contact the front office for information about our program.

Our optional meet schedule is as follows:


6-8: Gymnastics in Paradise                                                Levels 6-10
Hosted by: Hawaiian Island Twisters
Honolulu, HI

21-22: Gymnastics in Wine Country                                   Levels 6-10
Hosted by: Redwood Empire
Rohnert Park, CA

27-29: Vegas Cup                                                                     Levels 6-10
Hosted by: GymCats
Las Vegas, NV



11-12: Roseville Invitational                                                   Levels 6-10
Roseville, CA

17-19: Delta Classic                                                                  Levels 6-10
Hosted by: Champion Gymnastics
Stockton, CA



3-5: Elevate Gym Fest                                                            Levels 6-10
Hosted by: Elevate
Sacramento, CA

18-19: Level 8-10 State Championships                              Levels 8-10
Hosted by: Edge Gymnastics
Alameda Fairgrounds



1-2: Level 6/7 State                                                                   Levels 6/7
Hosted by: Byers Roseville
McClellan, CA

7-9: Level 8-10 Regionals                                                        Levels 8-10
Hosted by: CCGI
Visalia, CA

21-23: Level 7 & Xcel Regionals                                              Levels 8-10
Hosted by: CCGI
Visalia, CA

28-30: Level 9 Westerns                                                           Level 9



5-7: Level 10 JO Nationals                                                        Level 10