Coaching Staff

At Champion Gymnastics, our staff is dedicated to helping children grow not only as gymnasts, but also as well rounded and exceptional people. We teach children courage and hard work while having fun through the sport of gymnastics. Our highly qualified staff loves both the sport of gymnastics & children, and strives to meet each individual gymnasts’ needs.
All of our staff members are USAG Safety Certified, have background checks, & are First Aid and CPR trained.

amberAmber - Front Desk

Experience: 1 year at Champion Gymnastics

Why do you enjoy your job?: I enjoy helping families

Fave color: pink

Fun Fact: I'm also a medical assistant
annaAnna - Recreational Classes & Team Coach

Experience: Coaching for 10 years. Gymnast for 9 years. competed level 8.

Why do you coach?: I love children, helping them reach their goals, and learn life skills. I find my job so rewarding!

Face color: pink & glitter

Fave event: bars & beam

Fun Fact: I love to back
Alyssa - Team Coach

Experience: competitive gymnasts since age 8. coaching competitive gymnastics for 10 years

why do you coach?: For the kids, I love sharing my passion and respect for this port. I love seeing the personal growth in kids

Fave color: white

Fave event: bars

Fun Fact: I hate being bare foot
aubreyAubrey - Recreational Classes & Team Coach

Experience: My grandma started this gym a long time ago, and I participated in gymnastics until I was 11. I have been a coach for 6 years.

Why do you coach?: I love kids and hope to be a positive influence on them and to foster their love for gymnastics while having fun!

Fave color: Blue

Fave event: Beam and Floor

Fun Fact: I love camping and off road motorcycling.
haileyHailey - Recreational Classes

Experience: level 8 gymnast, gymnast at Champion for 8 years

Why do you coach?: it has been my favorite sport for many years. The gym is my second home, I couldn't imagine leaving.

Fave color: blue

Fave event: bars

Fun Fact: I love doing my hair every day because it's so straight!
jessJessica - Front Desk

Experience: office manager for 3 years

Why do you enjoy your job?: I enjoy seeing children smile as they enter the gym

Fave color: Ruby Red

Fun Fact: I LOVE Disney Land "the happiest place on earth"
Kelsee - Team Coach

Experience: Gymnast since the age of 5. Coaching for 3 years

Why do you coach?: For the kids! To see them grow as individuals & as gymnasts

Fave color: red

Fave event: beam & vault

Fun Fact: I'm not so secrety addicted to Chai Tea